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1958 1962 Corvette Kick Panel Screws $7.49

Door Panel.

After we assembled the motor to the drive housing we mounted the drive unit in the passenger side kick panel area.

1 1 1 Corvette Armrest Ends Pair Chrome with Screw. Using appropriate ratchet extensions remove the nuts and washers if present. In Door Panel Trim Mouldings Door Pulls. ADD TO CART 1984 1996 Corvette Brake Pedal Pad Automatic Transmission. DOOR AND KICK PANEL SHEET METAL SET PRE PUNCHED PIECES.

Order Camaro Kick Panel Mounting Screw Set 1 1 for 0. Part Number 1 111.

These kick panel screws replace missing or damaged originals. For all of your classic Ford.

Our 1 1 Kick Panels are now available as prepainted replacements.

Be removed to access them. 1 1 1 Screw Set inner door armrest. All the fasteners you need for your new interior components. In our huge selection of parts. Shop restoration car parts and accessories at Ricks Camaro. 1 Corvette Door Panel Sheet Metal Set with Kick Panels Pre punched. They are the correct length and thread pitch for a perfect fit. 1 1 Plate pair inner door lock knob spacer plastic washer.

We fabricated simple brackets for the.

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